About Us

Joshua Stirk & Bailey Reid

          Were just an average Canadian Family, sharing our experience and providing you our opinions and research content that helps us with our day to day life with our family and our personal health with you.

​          We also chose the path of marketing online to provide us more time to spend together with our family so we don't lose the more valuable moments in life to the daily struggle.

          We endorse and represent as well as use all the products we share to you as part of your wellness ritual. Making sure we can help you achieve better wellbeing by knowing that our products we endorse will work for you.

          Our vision is to help others get back together with themselves on a physical, mental, and family oriented way of living and to reach new levels in there health, wellbeing and family life.

          We really look forward to sharing our lives with you, and making sure that your expierence and time spent with us is valued.

          We hope you learn from our struggles as well as the way we grow and move ourselves towards greater goals and challanges in our world to help you with your own.

          Were not perfect, nobodies perfect, but we are definitely open minded and working hard to live and achieve the ideal lifestyle that attributes to living long, prospering and having a great family!

          If you made it this far, We really appreciate you taking your time to read this.  If you ever have any questions, or want to share an idea with us, or want to work with us. Don't be shy and reach out to us!  Were about as honest and real as it gets, so we look forward to hearing from you!