Zen Bodi

A Balanced Approach to Weight Management

The ZEN Project 8™ system targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, burning fat and building muscle.

The Science of Zen Bodi

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           The human body is complex. It takes several mechanisms working togetherto keep you fit and healthy, which means a multi-functional approach isnecessary to target fat loss correctly.

While you eat, your fat cells naturally produce a vital messenger called
leptin. Leptin has two roles in the body: one, it communicates to the brainthat your body is no longer hungry, and two, it tells the brain when it’sokay for the body to start using fat cells as an energy source.

As you age, your cells may also start releasing another protein called
the c-reactive protein, which causes inflammation in the body. After it is
released, the c-reactive protein fuses with the leptin molecule, it inflames,and like a big block trying to enter a tiny hole, it stops leptin’s vital messages from reaching the brain.

A vicious cycle begins: the body canno longer recognize when it is full, causing weight gain that can lead toobesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

  • The ZEN BODI™ system works in unison to decrease the production of the c-reactive protein, which allows leptin to enter the brain so that you can regulate your appetite properly. 

  • ZEN BODI™ also decreases an enzyme called G3PD, which converts blood sugar into fat; by slowing down the production ofG3PD, ZEN BODI™ helps keep you leaner.** It targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, losing inches, and getting toned. This methodical approach to weight loss isn’t the only revolutionary thing about ZEN BODI™—what’s truly revolutionary are the results

Zen Bodi System

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Zen Fit
Drop inches.
          Amino acids are essential to your health, but
your body can’t produce them on its own. ZEN
Fit™ is fortified with amino acids that trigger fat
loss by facilitating muscle maintenance and
aiding with the absorption of nutrients. Amino
acids also activate neurotransmitters in the brain
which mitigate stress and elevate your mood.

Designed to minimize calories and maximize nutrition, ZEN Fit™ also packs over 20 grams of protein per 6 calories in each serving.

Strengthen your body and mind with ZEN Fit™.


  • Burns Body Fat
  • Supports healthy muscle health
  • Helps build muscle
  • Supports strength and stamina
  • Helps curb hunger
  • Supports healthy metabolism

Available in Watermelon & Fruit Punch

Zen Shape
          These powerful capsules contain a patented form
of African Mango seed extract, which is clinically shown to stimulate weight loss and metabolic wellness.* Bolstered by an infusion of raspberry ketones and high-quality green tea extract, ZEN Shape™ controls appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Achieve perfect balance with ZEN Shape™.

Balance cravings.
ZEN Shape™ empowers you to make the
right choices by suppressing cravings
that lead to unhealthy habits. 


  • Promotes metabolic wellness
  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • Helps decrease carbohydrate and sugar cravings
  • Helps control appetite and hunger
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels

Zen Fuze™
           ZEN Fuze™ contains a premium protein blend of whey, rice, pea, and chia seed powder that keeps you feeling fuller longer. The ZEN Pro™ formula also
incorporates a probiotic blend of healthy bacteria to optimize digestion and help you stay lean. ZEN Pro™ unleashes the powers of performance.

Get toned.
Protein helps build muscle and contour
the body; it’s what makes you look fitter

and leaner after you’ve lost inches.


  • Builds Muscle
  • Maximizes the sensation of fullness
  • Promotes healthy intestinal functions
  • Promotes healthy metabolic functions
  • Supports a healthy immune system

Comes in Vanilla Bliss and Chocolate Dream

Now you have your weight loss system.

The 3 main attributes of getting rid of your fat and building muscle are right here in the Zen Bodi System

It's simple, but powerful.
Thats what why we love it so much.

If you have any questions make sure to contact us and we can awnser them for you!

Look forward to seeing your transformation!